Predictable Growth

Customer Engagement Platforms like Braze unlock significant growth and competitive differentiation opportunities for businesses.

The Challenge

Today, most companies plan and execute their CRM (CEM) activities manually, inefficiently and inconsistently.

It’s not anyone’s fault. The CRM discipline is evolving rapidly and the tools to manage CRM operations are just not there.

That’s why we built

The CRM Acceleration Engine 🔥 is a standardised and automated approach to running crm programs. We provide tools and processes designed to get Braze customers to value quickly, consistently and predictably. was developed by the Massive Rocket team (Data & CRM Agency). We productised best practices from over +100 CRM engagements that enable us to accelerate your growth.

Auditing & Benchmarking
Strategy & Planning
Execution & Reporting

How does it work?

Massive Rocket will deploy a service to monitor your progress in the utilisation of Braze. Through a combination of tools and processes, we will rapidly benchmark your CRM performance, identify new opportunities and provide recommendations on how to perform better.
Get the most out of Braze right away 🔥🔥🔥

The insights provided by are invaluable.The platform help us benchmark the performance of our Braze program, identify areas for improvements and understand where to invest our time moving forward.

Jean San Agustin
Director of Brand Marketing
Huckleberry Labs

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