The future is actionable

“We made a like button for email. After watching our first 50 customers use it, we realised that action-based interactions are the future of the internet and user interfaces.”

– Thierry Sequeira –

Background was founded in 2016 to help companies connect & communicate with people.

Our focus is on improving email-based communications. We started with email because it remains one of the biggest corporate communication channels. Email is how you cross organisational boundaries. However, response rates on email are dropping every day.

We want to remove these barriers by making email interactions simple, personalised and actionable.

Our solution helps founders and small sales teams Increase response rates on outreach emails.

Founding team

Our Story

31 year-old Thierry Sequeira sent the first actionable email to Jackson Trieu in 2016.

Shortly after that, they incorporated Twied LTD, the holding company for Prior to this, Thierry had already been selling and delivering SaaS solutions to global brands for over 10 years. Over the years, he helped companies engage with their consumers more effectively over Social Media and in their Mobile Apps.

Working in software sales in early 2016, Thierry noticed response rates for cold outbound emails were incredibly low. The only feedback sales teams were getting on these emails was an acknowledgement that the email had been read.

Thinking deeper about the problem, it made sense that response rates were so low. On average a person’s attention span is 6 seconds – how was a new prospect going to understand the product, value proposition, and take the time to respond?

Thierry gathered the best people he had worked with in the last 10 years to solve the problem. Jackson Trieu (CTO) who had helped him deliver ground breaking social media projects, Olivier Croegaert (Head of Engineering) who had been managing a production team building traffic radars in Belgium and Charbel Akhras (Head of Design) who had been delivering digital projects for some of the biggest agencies in the world. started tackling the problem by building the equivalent of a “like button” for emails. Clicking a like button is much easier than commenting because it is a pre-defined intent with a suggested response. So why not apply this same concept to an email? The idea seemed simple but bringing it to market was incredibly challenging. The goal was for Sales teams to get instant feedback on emails that they were sending by putting customisable buttons in their emails: “Call me”, “Send me more information”, “Not interested” and “Ask me later”.

Within it’s first month, found their first customer – an Inside Sales team at a SaaS company targeting their customers mainly through outbound emails. Early results showed that people understood the idea and responded to emails using our actions.

Today, after watching over 100 companies use the platform to scale their outbound sales process.

The future is actionable.



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