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How we work together

Together, Braze and offer clients a path to better CRM planning and strategy. Customer Engagement Platforms like Braze unlock significant growth and competitive differentiation opportunities for businesses. However, most companies plan and execute their CRM (CEM) activities manually, inefficiently and inconsistently. Braze + will ensure you have a best in class customer engagement setup and the process to get your business to value systematically. With, you are control of your strategy.

Braze Documentation

What is is a standardised and automated approach to running CRM programs. We provide tools and processes designed to get Braze customers to value quickly, consistently and predictably.

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What is Braze?

Braze is a customer engagement platform empowering brands to forge human connections with customers through technology and data. Braze strongly believes in the power of partners and ecosystems, and understands that in order to effectively connect with customers today, a fully integratable customer engagement platform is critical. The Braze Alloys Partner Program was launched in 2018 in an effort to help customers augment and deploy relevant, memorable experiences built on the Braze customer engagement platform. The program has since grown to include more than 94 technology partners, enabling brands to carry out real-time customer experiences with a faster time-to-delivery, as well as 64 solutions partners to help customers conceptualize creative campaigns and integrate the Braze platform. 

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